About HTF – The Survival Store

HTF – The Survival Store is a retail and online store that specializes in survival, preparedness and homesteading products.
Whether you are just starting to think about how to prepare your family should a crisis happen or if you are a seasoned prepper, we are a one-stop shop for your product needs.
We buy car, home & life insurance, but what about simply investing to ensure you and your family have the supplies on hand to survive should local resources not be available? We tend to assume that food, water and shelter will always be available. Having emergency supplies on hand at home, work and in the car could possibly be the most important insurance you ever purchase for your family.
We carry: Long/short term food storage, seed vaults, water storage and purification, bug out bags, get home bags, backpacks, lockdown kits, first aid kits, power solutions, communications, light & heat, tools, safety gear, books & publications and a lot more.
We hope that you will come in and see us and let us help you with your survival, prepping and homesteading needs.
Feel free to contact me directly with any questions of comments.
Paul Thuneman
HTF – The Survival Store